I guide independent hotels and resorts through every aspect of the marketing process, with every action tailored to your specific business goals.

From Seattle to Savannah, L.A. to Tulum, and in dozens of markets between, I have a track record of quickly identifying marketing issues and developing – and implementing – strategies to help properties achieve their goals.

Andressa chapman

I make hotel marketing decisions rooted in sound consumer behavior principles first, applying my background and knowledge to each hotel’s specific business challenges.

The result is a higher return for the budget, greater loyalty from guests, and increased profit.

“I am a freelance marketing strategist and doer for independent hotels and resorts. I’m not a marketing agency comprised of people who have never worked at the property level. I understand seasonality, what influences the marketplace, and how important it is to hit revenue goals. My strengths are both strategic and tactical.

I can develop strategies that bring about solutions to larger problems like pacing behind forecast for a given quarter, finding ways to increase NOI, developing shot lists and storyboards for new creative assets, or developing a brand refresh. Equally, I know how to get the basics done that can have a direct impact on revenue like developing and deploying eblasts and social ads, adding new creative assets to online channels, updating OTA ads based on day-by-days, and more.

I maintain these strengths in both areas because I work side-by-side with GMs, Sales Directors, Revenue Directors, and operations teams, and they need both skill sets in their arsenal for maximum impact.”

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