Cliff House Maine in the small beach town of Ogunquit is days away from re-opening, and I recently finished up my second assignment for them to make sure their website was ready for the big day.

The property was in need of some serious updates to their website. Ownership was applying pressure for these updates to be made pre-opening, and the property needed some extra manpower to get it all done. I’d gained quite a bit of experience over the last year or so on Sitecore, their platform of choice, and so I was asked to help with:

  • Adding experiential images that spoke to the Maine experience
  • Updating copy on the site
  • Providing for enhanced SEO
  • Building and adding a capacity chart for the meeting section of the site
  • Building and adding a photo gallery that would show off rooms, dining spaces, the spa, and other amenities
  • Adding pdf links where appropriate
  • Adding push marketing to the homepage
  • Building and adding new pages to the site including a travel professional page, new special offers, and a new private page dedicated to an offer exclusively for readers
  • Training the new marketing manager and members of the corporate office team on adding new web pages to the site
  • Training the new marketing manager on how to add new events to the site’s event calendar
  • Adding more call-to-actions throughout the site, specifically in the meetings/weddings sections with clickable phone numbers and email addresses
  • Overhauling the Things to Do section, providing for new content. Copy and images were provided by the DOSM. I took down the existing pages and added new pages to the site, including adding SEO opportunities.

Check out the property’s newly enhanced website here. This brand new crown jewel to the Destination collection re-opens to the public next week!