What do you do if your Revenue Management effort is in high gear, but you’re not hitting your revenue goals and your website stats are off? You get a fresh set of eyes on the digital effort.

Such was the case for Hotel Andra in downtown Seattle. Fed up with not seeing the return for the marketing budget, Trigger was invited in to have a peek under the hood. We reviewed and provided areas of opportunity across:

  • The hotel’s digital strategy + resource allocation as it relates to its overall business and short + long term revenue goals
  • The digital team’s performance with respect to strategy + tactics (SEO, PPC, digital and social media advertising, email marketing, social media strategy and tactics)
  • Creative assets against the hotel product itself to assess how effectiveness of current assets
  • Packages and offers for both leisure and group
  • Internal processes + communication between marketing, sales + revenue management
  • Digital channels — both direct + third party — for areas of opportunity
  • Areas of SEO opportunity for the hotels’ brand new website

At the end of the project, the hotel was pleased to learn that they had a few areas where they could make some quick wins in the digital effort, and they walked away with a framework for making sure they could keep those wins coming.