Fifteen years in the business will get you a lot of friends – many I rarely get to hang out with so much these days. So when Mike Medsker and I discovered we’d be in the same city at the same time, we decided to get together and talk a little shop.

I first came to know Mike as a kick ass Revenue Director for a little hotel called the Valley River Inn in Eugene, Oregon. That was about 6-7 years and several properties ago. Today, Mike is Co-Founder and President of Focal Revenue, where he provides hoteliers with intelligence solutions that help “hotel revenue optimization, sales, and marketing executives identify, attract, and retain your most profitable customers through improved revenue strategy.”

Mike and I have had several conversations – and good laughs – over the years about common misperceptions Revenue Managers and Hotel Marketers have about one another. (Don’t all Revenue Managers like to sit in dark offices with nothing but the light from their computer screens and their very precious numbers, downing black coffee all day?)

On this particular day, we decided it’d be fun to put these converations on video for the world to see in a little series he calls Mathlete Mondays.

Video 1: Common Misperceptions Revenue Managers Have About Hotel Marketers

Video 2: Common Misperceptions Hotel Marketers Have About Revenue Managers