For those who have been here a while, you might have noticed that I recently got rid of my company name and now just go by my name. 

Or maybe you didn’t notice. And that’s part of the point. 

There are a couple of reasons I tossed the company name and just started going on my own.

When I started this little venture eight years ago, I didn’t know what I might end up doing with it. My original intent was just to get enough work to keep myself afloat, but then as things started really kicking off, I wondered if I might want to build it into a company with a handful or – dare to dream – several hotel marketers working under me.  

And I thought I needed a good name for my company from the start.

Those who have worked with me know that I build strategy a little differently, focused on property revenue needs to be combined with consumer booking patterns to determine messaging, audiences, etc – or marketing that actually drives revenue vs just branding. So it made sense to me to name my new venture for my targeted approach which was pretty unique to me, which is how I ended up with the company name Trigger. 

But things change. And I’ve been head down in work for so long now that I didn’t even see it until just a few months ago. 

And when it hit me, I was desperate to lose it as fast as I could.

The name of my company was no longer anything positive to me anymore. It’d taken on a whole new meaning given events of the last several years here in the States, and one that I’m not comfortable with at all. 

Plus, a few years back I discovered I have no desire to build a company. I gave that a go and was miserable because I spent all my time selling services/trying to obtain more and more clients versus actually doing the work. And doing the work is what I love. Having this little life where I set my hours, choose the people I get to work with, and get to travel to and experience incredible destinations is what makes me happy. 

So I nixed Trigger.

Not that it hurt me to do so. I’m known in the industry by my name anyway. If you were to ask any of my friends or clients the name of my company, they’d probably have problems coming up with it. When they need resort marketing, they just search for Andressa. And that works for me.