Digital personalization is making its way to the industry mainstream.


Personalizing web content to the user is no easy task, and it doesn’t come cheap. Done properly, though, it can reap big rewards.

When I was Marketing Director at Wild Dunes Resort, we launched a website that was among the first of its kind in the industry. There were seven different version of a website in one, with content dedicated to each of the property’s main audiences. The goal of the redesign was to provide a richer experience to each audience segment, allowing them to get to the content they wanted more quickly, thereby increasing revenue. And increase revenue, it did.

Two years ago, I presented on the success we were seeing in ROI from our new site at HSMAI’s Digital Marketing Conference. Recently, I was invited back to be a panelist on a webinar dedicated to the topic alongside the AVP of Corporate eCommerce for Destination Hotels and the Director of Relationship for Red Lion Hotels.

I love being a part of these conversations because I learn so much. For example, I learned that Red Lion is able to attribute over 8200% in ROI to their personalization effort to date.


I’m spreading this love because it’s stories like these that give personalization the credit it’s due and the team implementing smart marketing the credit they’re due. Because developing and implementing a personalization strategy is not easy. It takes time, planning, critical thinking, and a lot of patience. In the end, though, it’s totally worth it.

We recorded the webinar last week. Pick it up here (roughly an hour long). Free to HSMAI members and a small fee for non-members.