I’m at the end of a three day digital travel conference in Vegas, and I’ve been schooled.   Travel companies of all sizes are doing some pretty cool new things to increase online conversion using both experience personalization and best practices from the retail industry. These are a savvy bunch of people using social channels to deliver a better luxury experience to their guests, using slick A/B testing methods to improve online conversion rates, and using attribution modeling to make better decisions on how to spend the dollars and make the spend much more efficient. I was pretty proud to stand among them and present a case study developing behaviorally-targeted web sites for a better user experience and increased conversion. But more than having the opportunity to speak, I was excited to sit in the room to soak it all in.

I’ll also say, when the conference is over and you’re ready to head to the strip to see Vegas for the first time, it helps to bump into a friend who’s been here a few times and can show you the ropes.  All in all, a good time.

John Kim, VP of Digital at Folds of Honor and all around great person

John and me