Hoodie? Check

Rain boots? Check

Dutch Brothers non-fat grande latte? Check

I’m road-tripping up to Seattle this February 19-21 to teach independent hotel junkies how to drive more direct bookings using their marketing arsenals. Check out the full “official” presentation description below. And I’m going to be hanging out there for a few days, so dining + libation suggestions are welcome.

Learn more and register here.

Official word:

Email marketing, social media, partner marketing, PR, PPC, SEO, blog content… Hotel marketers have a laundry list of marketing channels available to them to help communicate their message. But it’s hard to know where to start when you’re trying to drive immediate revenue. In this session, we’ll eliminate the guess-work, and show you how to build a campaign that drives revenue results.

Learning Outcomes for this Session:

  • Learn which marketing vehicles are better for “filling the funnel” vs. driving immediate revenue;
  • Learn best practices for knowing when to start your campaign for the highest revenue potential;
  • Walk away with a blueprint for building your own marketing campaigns that drive revenue.
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