Destination Hotels & Resorts recently picked up Town and Country Resort & Convention Center in San Diego, and I’m thrilled to be helping transition the property into the collection.

Boasting nearly 1,000 guestrooms and over 200,000 square feet of meeting and convention space, this property is a group house on so many levels. But one walk through the property and you see that it’s much more than that. The resort is breathtaking with roses and white picket fences at every turn. There’s so much character and beauty here that wasn’t being shown in its photography.

The property already had facility shots that showed the size of the meeting rooms, convention space, guestrooms, etc. My first assignment was to create a shot list and hire a local photographer to capture the property’s personality and character, and what makes it a unique spot to hold a meeting or take a vacation in San Diego’s Mission Valley.

What follows are some of the shots from that assignment created in one jpeg using a graphic design tool. Yep, I’m now a cropping, painting, image-resizing machine. My thanks to my friend Katie Nardi for spending her Saturday afternoon teaching me the tools of her trade. I only had to promise her that I’d never, ever – under any circumstances – use Papyrus or Comic Sans fonts in any designs.

Committed it to memory, Katie.

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